Standing out in a
vast sea of CBD.

Decorative display of various packaged Verist products laid out on a tan background

Fresh off developing a new name and brand strategy for Minnesota family farm-grown cannabis brand Verist, our next challenge was to create an attention-grabbing logo and branding, along with a collection of high-end, sustainable packaging for their line of CBD products (oils, body butters, gummies and lip balm).

When it came to Verist’s primary brand color, we veered directly away from the greens and neutrals most other brands were relying on, instead selecting a vibrant, smile-inducing red that stands out in consumers’ minds just as much as it does on store shelves. Next, because Verist’s products are made to help people re-discover their joy, we brought in even more bright colors and paired them with collage-style artwork, leveraging vintage anatomical and medical drawings to tap into the idea of cannabis as an emerging yet approachable natural remedy. Even the packaging containers themselves are sustainable and made to be upcycled—a fact we made sure to note on the lid of every glass jar.

In addition to the product packaging, we captured vibrant, colorful photography of the Peterson family in their element on their 130-year-old farm; created joyful brand graphics, illustrations and diagrams; and built a library of messages to establish Verist’s confident yet down-to-earth tone of voice, inviting consumers in to a better cannabis experience by speaking to them like a trusted friend—or, even better, a member of their family.

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