Let us take you where you want to grow.

For over 30 years, we’ve been rejecting the conveyor belts and injection molds of the corporate agency machine in favor of cultivating an innovative, independent garden where brands both big and small can put down roots and become the best versions of themselves.

Leading Expertise

We are students of culture, constantly refining our skills to produce breakthrough insights and exciting creative. The world is always evolving—therefore, so are we.


We work to help our clients leapfrog their competition by challenging ideas and expectations, both internally and externally. The way it’s always been done isn’t the way we do it here.


We serve our clients by identifying business disconnects and supplying the right-fit resources to impact real change. After all, our recommendations mean nothing if they don’t get results.

We're relationship people.

Average agency/client relationship



Average HA/client relationship



Leadership Team

“Play three-dimensional chess while others are playing one-dimensional connect-the-dots.” That’s Patrick’s approach since founding HA 30+ years ago—and let’s just say there’ve been a LOT of checkmates. 

Patrick Hunt

Bold, strong and uncompromising: words that describe both Shanna’s creative leadership and, coincidentally, the way she likes her cocktails. With 20+ years agency experience, she’s made a career out of never settling for less.

Shanna Apitz

President + Chief Creative Officer
Over his 20+ years in the industry, Keith's ability to navigate complex challenges with poise and precision has made him a trusted advisor to major brands nationwide. All jargon aside, get a beer with Keith and you’ll see what we mean. 

Keith Luckeroth

Group Account + Business Development Director
A trusted client-service professional, Jenny brings 10+ years in the agency world as well as 10 years client-side. A confident, unflappable leader dedicated to exceptional results, Jenny also loves to sauna on the weekend—which may explain why we’ve never seen her sweat.

Jenny Peters

Senior Account Director
As the most important and attractive member of the agency, Sarah leads the creative team in developing the most innovative, amazing, award-winning campaigns the world has ever seen. She also writes the leadership bios. 

Sarah Kearin

Group Creative Director
A trained semiotician and cultural anthropologist, Josh brings a unique perspective to strategic planning, cracking the complex codes and symbols of consumer behavior like a sheet of ice on a Minnesota sidewalk. Satisfying. 

Josh Smerick

Director of Strategic Planning
With 20+ years of agency experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world, Josh is our resident producer and sports-dad extraordinaire who’s game for whatever gets thrown at him. (Often literally.) 

Josh Johnson

Director of Integrated Production
With 5+ years experience as our mildly creepy agency mascot, Gary is either actually dead and taxidermied or just really, really good at playing possum—only time will tell! Make sure to pet him when you visit our space! 


Office Possum