Getting people to believe in
a better kind of soda.

Four different flavored Nutrisoda cans laid out on a blue background

Nutrisoda had it all: the fun of a soda with the benefit of nutrients. But when we brought the brand into new market concept testing, consumers were skeptical of the brand proposition and leery of a price point that was two times higher than traditional soda. Semiotic category analysis revealed the packaging only compounded the issue: With Red Bull effectively owning the 8.4-oz can, people took one look at Nutrisoda and thought energy drink—a category not exactly known for it's health benefits. This, combined with a confusing on-package brand hierarchy, had consumers scratching their heads––and us ready to get to work.

First and foremost, Nutrisoda needed to embrace its identity as a soda. So we did away with the 8.4-oz can and packaged it in the traditional 12-oz cans consumers expect. Secondly, we adjusted the hierarchy to make it crystal clear that Nutrisoda is a better-for-you soda. Finally, we designed each Nutrisoda can to display the fun, fizz and flavor consumers want, while allowing the unpainted aluminum to speak to the clean, healthy benefits they’d get. Suddenly, shelf space became valuable marketing space—and Nutrisoda went from niche to mass.

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