Pouring gluten-free
beer for the masses.

Animation of a hand breaking through the clouds holding a Bard’s beer bottle in a blue sky

Created by a beer-loving brewmaster with celiac disease, Bard’s Tale Dragon’s Gold was one of the very first gluten-free beers to gain significant traction. But it wasn’t long before domestic powerhouses like Anheuser-Busch started vying for the same slice of the market. To separate Bard’s from the big-name interlopers while remaining true to its craft roots, the brand would have to expand its appeal. Bard’s needed to speak to the beer drinker in all of us, rather than the GF beer drinker in only some of us. We recommended a name change to simply “Bard’s Beer,” a total packaging redesign and other surprise-and-delight elements that took the brand back to its roots: a love of beer guided by a spirit of inclusion.

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