Bringing arcade fun to
the trade show floor.

“Less is Better Challenge” in bold blue text flashing between light and dark-blue on a navy background

At trade shows, organic connections are key—and they don’t usually happen over boring, static displays of product. That’s why when Hayward, a leading global manufacturer of aftermarket pool products, decided to launch a brand new salt chlorinator at the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, we knew we had to make a splash.

The huge selling point of the AquaRite S3 was that it used 1/3 the salt of the competition’s chlorinator, but to let pool pros knows about this, we couldn’t just tell them—we needed to involve them. The solution? Less Is Better: a custom 8-bit video game complete with nostalgic animation and bespoke music (composed in-house at HA!). Trade show attendees could compete against each other to see who could chlorinate a pool faster (with the AquaRite S3 beating the competition every time). It was a unique, popular, memorable experience—oh, and the sales numbers were pretty unforgettable, too.

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