Bringing holiday joy to
(grown-up) girls and boys.

The Duke Cannon Emporium’s “Holiday World of Adventure” logo in blue Old English typeface and red text in front of a snowy diorama

As a kid, the holidays are the best—but as an adult, they kinda suck. For men’s grooming brand Duke Cannon to break into the holiday gift rotation alongside the boring grown-up go-tos like booze, socks or sweaters, we needed to get adults to remember how much they used to love the fun of getting gifts. Tapping into the nostalgia of days gone by, we created a campaign designed to conjure memories of classic toy catalogs and stop-motion holiday TV specials—giving both dudes (and their partners) the gift of looking and smelling their best. And as it turned out, Santa came early to Duke Cannon Country, increasing the brand’s Black Friday sales by 127% year-over-year.

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