Using golf to help kids
chart their own course.

White ForeUs logo separated by a pink icon featuring a crown and crossed golf clubs on a dark purple background

Since 1987, the Minnesota Minority Junior Golf Association (MMJGA) had been providing youth of color with the chance to make connections and learn life skills through caddying. With new partnerships with the PGA and 3M, they were gaining the momentum to take their program to the next level—but first, they needed a name and logo that would effectively embody their purpose and attract interest from the youth they sought to serve.

The answer was ForeUs, a new name as clear and bold as the goal of the organization itself.  Leveraging golf symbols to welcome new players onto the course, the accompanying logo uses strong, resolute lettering and a modern color palette to create a feel that’s inclusive, supportive and here to stay—exactly like the ForeUs organization.

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