Giving rising-star products
the big break they deserve.

Oil drilling rig with a yellow Duke Cannon Supply Co. logo and “Grooming goods for good dudes” tagline over top

Duke Cannon, a boutique men’s grooming brand, had recently experienced a surge of growth online, but their beard care products were lagging in in-store sales, due in part to a relatively new presence in mass retailers like Target. Our challenge was to get those products in front of our target retail consumers in a way they would connect with, remember and ultimately want to take home.

Duke Cannon’s target customer wants high-quality, highly effective beard products that don’t involve a lot of fuss or pageantry. To convey that the brand’s beard goods work hard without taking themselves too seriously, we cast them as the stars of movie trailers for some of the most epic film genres ever: spaghetti western, Kung Fu and ‘70s buddy cop. By personifying the products in nostalgic scenes viewers actually wanted to watch, we played into the masculine, cult-classic appeal of these iconic film styles, extending their cultural halo and cementing the product name and packaging in the minds of our consumer.

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