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An old friend recently resurfaced at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis…our beloved ZugZug!

ZugZug started out as a concept by Doug Adkins and Steve Mitchell of Hunt Adkins, the Agency of Record for AdFed’s annual award show last year. Just one of hundreds creative executions and installations that were developed by Hunt Adkins for The Show, ZugZug has a special place in our hearts.

Realistic frozen caveman art installation in orchestra hall

Art Director ZugZug always felt his work was ahead of its time. So after his campaign for fire won seven rocks and a bone, he froze himself, leaving instructions to unfreeze him once the world had caught up to his genius.

Hunt Adkins in partnership with AdFed commissioned artist collective Leonic Experiential Builders to build the concept. The caveman began as a mannequin that was made up to look like a realistic caveman and was then encased inside of plexiglass and epoxy resin.

After his debut appearance in Orchestra Hall in February, 2020, Zach Schumack says that he decided to move ZugZug into the park in hopes that his presence could persuade people to pull themselves away from their televisions and computers to explore in the park and engage with nature. His goal has been a success so far, with many people making special trips to the park specifically to find ZugZug.

Shout out to Zach and his fellow artists for bringing our favorite frozen Art Director back to life! 

ZugZug can be found near Bassett Creek in Theodore Wirth Park, but finding his exact location will require some exploring of the park.