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HATCRL 7.19.18

⛽ Fuel your brain with a preview this week’s Total-Consciousness Reading List 2018 ESPN BODY ISSUE Celebrating its 10th year of taking a look at athletes in their purest form. @LUKEW…

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New Health Care Insight Report Series

Are you in or affected by the health care industry? Do you want to build long-term value for your brand? Improve attribution? Better inform your data needs? Create meaningful consumer…

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The Price of Hype

IS A BIG-NAME AGENCY PARTNERSHIP WORTH IT?   Imagine your brand is looking to partner with a new agency, and you read the following experience profile of one agency’s leadership…

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HATCRL 06.13.18

A sneak peak of this week’s Hunt Adkins Total-Consciousness Reading List. GO DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE OF DARK PATTERNS Designophiles and regular folks alike visit this subreddit to relish shaming…

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HATCRL 06.01.18

Preview of content from this week’s update to the Hunt Adkins Total-Consciousness Reading List SEE HEAR PARTY This bad ass gif-based music visualizer pulls gifs from Giphy, music from Soundcloud, and generates…

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Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday  

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HATCRL 04.26.18

Preview of content from this week’s update to the Hunt Adkins Total-Consciousness Reading List FROM BINGE-WATCHING TO CONSUMER INSIGHT Find out how and why using streaming platforms as a key data tool…

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A Strategic Planner’s 2018 New Year’s Resolution

Removing (Unnecessary) Demographic Distortion.   Traditional Demographics’ usefulness might not yet be dead—but they no longer need to be a dominant lens for our work. With the New Year we…