A nighttime image of a white billboard with "In Design We Trust" written on it in bold, black text. Bokeh circles from the streetlights surround the billboard.
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HATCRL 04.26.19

➡️This week’s cheat sheet to total-consciousness FORGET ANTS, MAKE ART Artist Mike Papadakis uses mirrors, lenses and sunlight to make his mark. Brilliant – but he should start using sunscreen.…

woman conducting music in front of a wall of neon light instrument art
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Sonic branding in a multi-platform world

‘Stop, hey, what’s that sound…?’ Could you be ignoring the sound of branding success? From a consumer—or even branding—perspective, Intel, Coca-Cola and HBO might seem to have little in common—aside…

Multicolored yarn textures repeated in a circle to form a kaleidoscope design.
1986 792 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 03.28.19

✨ You are what you read. ✨ A CRAFTY WAY TO GO GREEN Etsy is becoming the first major online retailer to offset 100% of shipping-related carbon emissions. CRISPR The…

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Better Together

A case for the modern in-house agency to work with external agencies instead of forgetting about them.   Unless you’re still conducting three-martini lunches, asking your agency to bring their…

An illuminated black and white hallway with blue and pink dots dispersed across the image.
1612 790 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 02.27.19

🌎 It would take you 60,000 years to read every book in the world. LYFT TAKES BUSINESS TO A WHOLE(SOME) NEW LEVEL Already championing population health by partnering with providers…

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The Rewards (and Risks) of Influence

Influencer Marketing is a hot marketing topic. While PR/Communication departments may have once been responsible for this medium, it’s now trending toward the duties of advertising/media teams. And nearly 40%…

psychedelic street art with a large eye and woman's face in a rainbow of colors
1754 1206 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 01.30.19

🐙 An octopus has nine brains. You are not an octopus. 2069 Bionic brains. Robots. Cutting-edge efforts to blunt the effects of climate change. The future of health care, and tech,…

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The Potency of Purpose

Authenticity cannot be manufactured. Purpose requires the potency of an emotionally resonant truth. Authenticity cannot be conveniently manufactured by a marketing brief. And authenticity is what consumers today require in…

silhouette of young woman standing in a hallway lit with neon pink lighting
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HATCRL 12.21.18

💥Protip: Don’t be a dummy, read this week’s total-consciousness reading list. TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF Neuroscience says listening to this song reduces anxiety by up to 65 percent. ROBOT DRAWN…