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Techlash 2020

Has adtech transformed modern marketing for good, or will techlash, and consumers’ increasing apathy towards ads make creativity valuable again? Read time: 6.5 minutes Hunt Adkins’ extended holiday break provided…

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HATCRL 01.23.20

🧠Genius is fleeting, skill has staying power. SOAPBOTTLE A brilliant way to get rid of plastic shampoo containers. UNNECESSARY INVENTIONS Perhaps the best illustration of how social media impacts the way we…

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HATCRL 11.26.19

➡️Get ahead of the (machine platform) crowd. WEB CODE ART Discover a painting coded for Chrome using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). MACHINE PLATFORM CROWD Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson explore…

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HATCRL 10.29.19

🛍️One-stop information shop. RETAIL 2025 Peel back the misconceptions behind retail bankruptcies and store closings and proffer where the next gen of retail is headed with this report from CCIM Institute. LOCATION-BASED…

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HATCRL 09.26.19

🤡Knowledge laughs in the face of fear. REKOGNITION Amazon’s facial recognition service can now detect fear. Scared yet? URBAN NUDGES Check out how urban nudges help change behaviors in small…

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In “Pod” We Trust

Imagine it’s 2009. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is #1 on the iTunes Charts. Mark Maron’s terrestrial radio show is cancelled and he joins the world of audioblogging, known to…

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Sonic branding in a multi-platform world

‘Stop, hey, what’s that sound…?’ Could you be ignoring the sound of branding success? From a consumer—or even branding—perspective, Intel, Coca-Cola and HBO might seem to have little in common—aside…

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Better Together

A case for the modern in-house agency to work with external agencies instead of forgetting about them.   Unless you’re still conducting three-martini lunches, asking your agency to bring their…

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The Rewards (and Risks) of Influence

Influencer Marketing is a hot marketing topic. While PR/Communication departments may have once been responsible for this medium, it’s now trending toward the duties of advertising/media teams. And nearly 40%…