welder with helmet on welding the moon like a piece of metal in vacuum of space
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HA Names New President + CCO

Hunt Adkins Names Shanna Apitz President and Chief Creative Officer Independently owned agency celebrates 30 years with notable growth (Minneapolis, Minn.) January 19, 2021 —Top 25 MN Agency Hunt Adkins announces Shanna…

prehistoric caveman art director frozen in ice block art installation at orchestra hall
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An old friend recently resurfaced at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis…our beloved ZugZug! ZugZug started out as a concept by Doug Adkins and Steve Mitchell of Hunt Adkins, the Agency…

A royal blue moon creeps out from a break in a violet sky – a previously unseen section of the universe is revealed. Multiple satellites direct toward it on the ground, searching for answers.
2400 1600 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 11.30.20

Take all you want, we’re serving up the latest and greatest. 🍴 BLACK CHEFS YOU SHOULD KNOW A collection of cookbooks written by tastemakers of color. THE RIGHT TERM FOR…

A pink, purple, red, and blue image of a pointed stick touching tiny stem cells.
4000 3000 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 10.29.20

Opt-in to digital proficiency and insight.  A THEORY OF SELF-TRANSCENDENCE A continuation of Maslow’s unfinished theory that incorporates the latest research on creativity, purpose and self-actualization. CREATING THE LOGO FOR…

A repetition of the same image across the container horizontally, and the container is a black background. The image contains the backsideo of a human, molded into pins like traditional pin art toys. These pins are multicolored so they look like data points. This image is an abstract representation of user experience and human impact.
1545 967 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 09.30.20

Turn everything you touch into maximum brand impact.  GEOMETRIC SAND CASTLES For artist Calvin Seibert, turns out the cutting edge of sandcastle art is, well, edges. THE WISDOM OF MEMES…

An upside-down nighttime city street. The viewer is looking down the street from a low angle, with the sky and city light creating hues of red, orange, and purple. From the manhole cover in the middle of the street, a face looks down, blue light cast on their confident expression.
3726 4657 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 08.27.20

Exactly what you’re looking for: a creative block cure  THE PHILOSOPHY OF TIME Months that feel like years? Days that feel like minutes? A time philosopher (yes, really) explains why…

A girl is standing in an elevator. The elevator has mirrors on all sides. She is looking up at her reflection in the ceiling. Her face melts upwards towards her reflection, and her reflection's face melts down towards her.
4608 2304 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 07.29.20

Your future self thanks you for reading this. 👁️‍🗨️ NO ROADS ALLOWED Chinese urban planners in Shenzen unveiled designs for Net City, a district the size of Midtown Manhattan. It has offices, parks…

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You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. On the morning of Tuesday, May 26, in the midst of…

A photo looking down a bridge at nighttime. The bridge is lit up with neon in purple, pink, and blue. The top tresses swirl as you look further down to the end, making the bridge feel more like a tunnel.
7360 4912 Hunt Adkins

HATCRL 06.25.20

Revolutionize your cache of current trends.  MEG LIONEL MURPHY Editor-In-Chief of Paper Darts Magazine. Director of Art + Story for Pollen Midwest. Painter. Her heartbroken womxn are brilliant, scary and…