A curved road with arrow signs is in the foreground. The signs point forward to the right, getting smaller as they become farther away. Each sign is a different rainbow color, starting with yellow and going all the way through the rainbow spectrum. In the background, a vibrant pink, orange, blue, and purple sky fills the frame. It's a colorful sunset with soft, puffy clouds scattered across it.
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HATCRL 05.28.21

 This way, all you informed know-it-alls. CODED BIAS An outstanding PBS documentary that follows the story of an MIT researcher who found evidence of racial bias in facial recognition algorithms.…

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Designing with accessibility in mind

Designing app and website experiences are an exciting time for any brand. It is an opportunity to look at how users are currently interacting with your experience and how you…

David Bertozzi – Buzzfeed
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Inside out brand development

The substance in brand purpose The pandemic provided a pause from our usual practices, enabling a period of introspection to take stock of not only how we work, but how…

A multicolored background swirls and fades into the half of the face of a girl. This is rotated and repeated on the other side, creating mirrored symmetry. Over the top is a metallic radiating line, suggesting dynamic movement.
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HATCRL 04.30.21

The new familiar.  ZOOM FATIGUE Finally, psychological researchers have begun to wonder why just sitting on video calls all day can be so exhausting. FROM PRISON TO PURPOSE “Master Plan”…

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The value of a mobile-first design approach.

The mobile vs. desktop discussion continues to be both topical and relevant as we move into the future. Over half of internet traffic in the US comes from our mobile…

A scuba diver swims towards the water's surface, looking up towards the sunlight. But as you look to the outer edges of the image, you see that the light is actually being created by the intersection of three stoplights on a foggy night. This combination of elements creates a blue, red, and yellow composition with dark, vignette corners. Everything points strongly to the bright white of the sun at the center of the composition.
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HATCRL 03.31.21

Reflections & refractions.  JUST WHAT I NEEDED. I THINK. Felicific Calculus is the centuries-old decision-making model that combines everyone’s two favorite things: moral dilemmas and math. But believe it or…

inside of a dark black cave viewing the exit that leads to a blue smoke filled black hole
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What role does stock play in your brand ecosystem?

In today’s modern marketing world of high-volume content needs, tight timelines and decreasing production budgets, stock photography and videography has become a ubiquitous tool for brand content creation. Stock has…

The show award pin background patter with title that reads the show that wouldn't die
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The Show 2021 #WinThePin

HA Brings Home 19 Pins and First-Ever Best of Copywriting Award. Last night, advertisers from around the Twin Cities gathered virtually for the 95th annual AdFed awards event: The Show.…

empty hallway lit up with neon blue lighting with a open doorway at end
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Balancing Flexibility with Long-Term Growth

How both agencies and clients can adjust to the “new normal” of strategy and business relationships. A surprise to absolutely nobody, advertising spend in the United States decreased in 2020…