Finding a new voice for health care.

The cost of attention is becoming increasingly expensive.

New world. New opportunity.

On top of an increasingly aggressive competitive marketing environment, consumers have plenty of options, and they know it. Demands and expectations are high. Retailers offering speed and personalization are rising above generalized service offerings as user experience increasingly becomes the fulcrum to brand success and a business’s bottom line.

The desire for frictionless, helpful and painless experience expands beyond the day-to-day and into all industries, including health care. Patients are consumers. They want help making decisions, evaluating options, managing conditions and being proactive when it comes to their and their families’ health. And they expect this support on their terms.

HA works to create frictionless experiences for consumers with some of the following brands:

Health care can be confusing and complicated, and it affects everyone.

Offerings are shifting from mass generalization to mass customization and precision, following suit with consumer expectations regardless of the industry, service or product.

Insurance coverage changes are accelerating with higher deductibles, plan terminations and à la carte plans becoming the norm. Consumers are directly impacted by these actions and are becoming more price-sensitive to the services that they are paying a larger percentage of the cost to receive. The complex rules and exceptions are creating confusion and drawing patients to providers that navigate this landscape for them and are able to quote simple “driveaway” prices.


Brand Narrative, Website and Pre-Member Outreach

Bind is rebuilding health insurance in the rails. They threw out convention to build a health insurance model focused entirely on the quality of experience and culturally relevant solutions. They needed to go-to-market with purpose and prowess as they ramped up to the precipice of an industry revolution.


  • Break from a sea of sameness and reinvent health insurance.
  • Be the affordable, personal and flexible solution consumers demand.
  • Address compelling needs of both B2B and consumer audiences.


Leverage what’s wrong with the insurance industry today.

  • Take a position.
  • Be certain.
  • Evoke emotion.
  • Facilitate immediate understanding.
  • And get noticed the first time.

We needed to help our audience forget how things used to work and demonstrate how Bind gives the power of health back to each person, so we can all live happier, healthier lives.

Search engines are answer engines.

Consumer-relevant brands understand what an increasing dependence on search engines means for marketing, communications and the user-journey outside of SEO + SEM programs.

pull quote that says consumers no longer need ads to solve problems they no longer need to pay attention

Consumers aren’t waiting for their next appointment or pharmacist engagement to get advice or questions answered. They’re online and they want answers within seconds. While there is no shortage of online advice offerings, optimized content created by qualified, authoritative sources greatly outweighs the rest.

They want to be made aware of products and services that can provide value in some way to them.

With a world of content and information at their fingertips, consumers never need to settle for a boring or expected experience. Getting their attention is not enough—they’re seeking brands that will shake things up—surprise them, delight them, make them laugh, make them cry—deliver an experience that lets them escape the mundane.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Cessation Campaign

By leveraging the absurdity behind the delayed-quit compromise and connecting with students in their social context, this Blue Cross Blue Shield smoking cessation campaign received a 67% awareness level across all targeted college + university campuses. Those familiar with the campaign were 14% more likely to make a cessation attempt.

The human journey is what matters most.

Health care is continually ranked as one of the least customer-friendly service industries. Costs are high, wait times are long and care providers are perceived as unsympathetic. The industry is on the extreme low end of American consumers’ expectations. Contrast that with the high end of customer expectations: retail and tech industries with low wait times, new + innovative services that delight customers and a seamless experience that meets them where they are. This is the real competition for hearts and minds.

Success lies in an empathetic understanding of the end health care consumer. Brands that are willing to attack the industry chaos head-on and put consumer wants + needs above all else will win. Those that wait for others to make the hard decisions and changes first, later following suit, will lose.

Nurture by Steelcase (Now Steelcase Health)

Brand + Product Launch Campaign


Create relevant differentiation to cement leadership and market share.


The brand was young. The market was competitive and rapidly evolving. We needed to not only stand out, but also drive conversation within the industry.


Leverage Steelcase’s evidence-based design process and fresh, insightful innovation.
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