Gates Open. Come On In.

Gates Open. Come On In.

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Enjoy a tour of Duke Cannon Country –
the safest place to travel for good, clean fun.

Anyone is welcome in Duke Cannon Country. But to get here, you have to put down your damn phone, hold a door open for someone, fix a toilet and drive one billion miles past the outlet mall. In Hunt Adkins’ latest campaign launch for the grooming goods brand, Duke Cannon, a 50 square foot model of an idealized American town, was built for sharing stories founded on values like hard work and togetherness through the lens of some good dude humor.

“Welcome to Duke Cannon Country”

“We wanted to create a handcrafted model town in the same way our audience would as a hobby,” said Chief Creative Officer Doug Adkins, “and it’s reflective of the brand’s product development ethos: American-made with a respect for quality.

Founded in 2011, Duke Cannon Supply Co. launched with its iconic 10 oz. Big Ass Brick of Soap, modeled after the bars of soap given to GIs during the Korean War. Their aim was to provide men an alternative to irrelevant teenage products like Axe.

“The Last Handyman”

Most brands today are chasing the latest fad and trying to capitalize on the next big trend. Even when they seemingly act with purpose, it’s more often filled with an artificially inflated sense of self-importance. Or even worse, so blatantly self-serving, that nothing purposeful really gets accomplished. Instead, Duke Cannon Country was built for folks who celebrate timeless truths over trivial trends.

“Robot Takeover”

Somewhere along the way, our culture became so overrun with mindless materialism and celebrating the superficial that it seemingly forgot the virtues that made us great: Valuing substance over style. Putting others before self. Laughing with instead of laughing at. Earning it rather than feeling entitled to it. Making friends, not foes.

Lost in it all was a simple truth that great men are first and foremost really good dudes.

“Boy Band”

Duke Cannon is for those who value products that get things done the right way. And with the support of Hunt Adkins, Duke Cannon promises to never take itself too damn seriously by forgetting the importance of having good honest fun for the sake of good honest fun.

“Alien Abduction”

You may find Duke Cannon Country videos running across YouTube and programmatic media this spring. Be sure to stop on by and hear some stories about good dudes doing things right.