Design Crush: Continuous Animation

Design Crush: Continuous Animation

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Illustration has become increasingly popular in the digital space over the last few years, and with good reason: it’s unrestrained by the physics of reality and flexible in a multi-platform world. Compared to stock photography (often a go-to for quick turn, high volume content needs), it can better express brand personality, be more contextually relevant and immerse the viewer in a narrative.

It sparks interest and contemplation.

Breaks up feed monotony.

And converts 7x better!

So what happens when you take that highly effective (and super cool) custom-created illustration and bring it to life, looping it in a narrative that hypnotizes viewers into a state of tripped out bliss?

😍 Continuous Animation 😍

Prof. Stampfer's Stroboscopische Scheibe No. X.gif

Stampfers’ Stroboscopische Scheibe No. X was created in 1833.

Now, continuous animation is nothing radically new. However, given mass adoption of GIFs and a corresponding social channel tech evolution, it has become increasingly prominent in the way we communicate and tell stories. It comes in a variety of forms—from longer video story formats, instructive sequences and highly emotional narratives to screensaver like GIF loops, moving photos and sharp, witty punch lines. And I’m here for all of it.

Continuous animation sequences heighten immersion (read: totally suck you in) with sleek transitions that build each scene in real-time out of the elements of the current frame. Like all illustration, the imagery has the ability to take you on a narrative journey that brings an emotion, challenge or action to life—the very essence of what all marketers strive for with any brand experience. Then add in animation, which is intrinsically magical, and dynamic, continuous-motion transitions that keep the spell from breaking, and it’s a seamless, sublime experience, triggering intrigue and satisfaction in a world where attention is at a premium.

Mailchimp use of continuous animation in new identity hands transitioning to bird and back to hands

Check out MailChimp’s new identity from London-based Animade.

Continuous animation presents new opportunities for brands seeking to create uniquely immersive experiences for audiences—opportunities to entertain, surprise, educate and, most importantly, get noticed and remembered.

And it’s awesome.

10 #Crushworthy Continuous Animation Artists to Check Out:

Emma Darvick


Ori Toor


Ruben Sutherland


Andreas Wannerstedt




Xaviera Lopez


Nicola Gastaldi


Igor Bastidas


A.L. Crego


Kazuhiko Okushita


Some other stats to sell you (as if you need them):

  • Visuals grow traffic, clicks and conversion; grabs user attention faster and more effectively and (typically) gets more likes, shares and engagement than text alone.
  • Click-through-rate is almost 50% higher on websites containing images
  • Articles with images get 94% more views
  • Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content
  • People remember visual information 6x better than information they have read or heard.
  • Over the last few years, visual communication elements like emojis, memes and GIFs have disrupted communications that were once purely text-based.

In conclusion, visuals matter. We ❤️ them. Duh.

😘 – SA