Glowing-blue star

There are immortal beings whose job it is to keep the universe functioning. They are the cosmic mechanics. On their union cards is written: “It is my solemn duty to keep the steam-powered machinery of reality turning with predictable clanks and kachunks.”

These cosmic mechanics collect a lot of overtime pay because of all the things that grind in the gears of the universe. Namely: us.

We don’t accept the Status Quo. We’ve been to that planet, and frankly the Status Quoians are smug assholes.

Instead, we peek behind the curtain of space and time to see how things work and how they can work better. We look at the way things have always been done and shake our heads sadly while making dry, witty comments. Face palms are not just figurative to us: palms actually meet face.

We see the fragmentation, the inefficiencies, the needless complexities, the stupid—all the things that get in the way of managing a brand—and toss them into a handy nearby black hole.

We make the entire brand experience frictionless.

All by rejecting that insidious phrase: “But that’s how it’s always been done.”

The universe wants us to fall in line, to accept the Status Quoians as our overlords.

But we will not clank.

We will not kachunk. 

Glowing-blue star
Glowing-blue star
Glowing-blue star
Glowing-blue star
Glowing-blue star
Glowing-blue star
Glowing-blue star

Executive Leadership

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Play chess while others are playing one-dimensional connect-the-dots.

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Blue-glowing floating head of Shanna Apitz
  • President + Chief Creative Officer

    “Do what’s right over what’s easy. Nothing saves more time.”

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Blue-glowing floating head of Josh Smerick
  • Director of Strategic Planning

    Never let them reduce you to a single quote.

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  • Director of Accounts

    “A quote? I don’t know, just put whatever! I’m on a client call!

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Joe Soucheray - CTO
  • Chief Technology Officer

    “01101001 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101”

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  • Director of Project Management

    “Teamwork makes the dream work—but an intensely detailed spreadsheet never hurts.

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  • Director of Connection Planning

    “Je n’ai jamais dit ça. Je ne parle même pas français.”

    #Trivia4Life  .  LinkedIn

Whoa there!
Glowing-blue smoke cloud
You have reached the edge of the known universe. Only terror and madness lie beyond.
Glowing-blue smoke cloud
Turn back!
Flee screaming!
Run until you are safe in the arms of the familiar and the ordinary!
Do not, under any circumstances, pass the blue line.
Glowing-blue smoke cloud
Glowing-blue smoke cloud
Glowing-blue smoke cloud
Are all the cowards gone now? Good.

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