A girl is standing in an elevator. The elevator has mirrors on all sides. She is looking up at her reflection in the ceiling. Her face melts upwards towards her reflection, and her reflection's face melts down towards her.

HATCRL 07.29.20

4608 2304 Hunt Adkins

Your future self thanks you for reading this. 👁️‍🗨️ NO ROADS ALLOWED Chinese urban planners in Shenzen unveiled designs for Net City, a district the size of Midtown Manhattan. It has offices, parks…

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A photo looking down a bridge at nighttime. The bridge is lit up with neon in purple, pink, and blue. The top tresses swirl as you look further down to the end, making the bridge feel more like a tunnel.

HATCRL 06.25.20

7360 4912 Hunt Adkins

Revolutionize your cache of current trends.  MEG LIONEL MURPHY Editor-In-Chief of Paper Darts Magazine. Director of Art + Story for Pollen Midwest. Painter. Her heartbroken womxn are brilliant, scary and…

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A skyscraper rises above the clouds. It is split in half, and a woman covered in stripes emerges from it. A vintage illustration of birds sits in the upper-left corner.

HATCRL 04.21.20

1873 3136 Hunt Adkins

Let your dopamine levels soar. 🌤 ISOLATION ADVICE Here’s how astronauts deal with isolation in space. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE Did you know that, in the year 3000, humans will…

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Mature man wearing sunglasses and holding a multicolored sphere.

HATCRL 03.30.20

2444 2329 Hunt Adkins

A shot of B-12 for your brain. 🧠 VIRTUAL GAME NIGHT The 22 best online games to play with friends when you can’t be together IRL. HERE FOR YOU (FROM A…

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Image of a man with the top of his head sliced and edited to become a pool. Another man is diving into the pool where the brain would be. A graphic of a brain scan is superimposed behind the image.

HATCRL 02.27.20

3456 2158 Hunt Adkins

Immerse yourself in expertise. 🌀 THE FAR SIDE At long last, Gary Larson and his cows venture bravely onto the Interwebs. AND YOU THOUGHT THEY WERE JUST COLORS IN THE…

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Man with multicolored background holding aluminum foil to his face.

HATCRL 01.23.20

2500 2500 Hunt Adkins

🧠Genius is fleeting, skill has staying power. SOAPBOTTLE A brilliant way to get rid of plastic shampoo containers. UNNECESSARY INVENTIONS Perhaps the best illustration of how social media impacts the way we…

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Girl standing on digital screen with lines projected on it.

HATCRL 11.26.19

3072 1593 Hunt Adkins

➡️Get ahead of the (machine platform) crowd. WEB CODE ART Discover a painting coded for Chrome using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). MACHINE PLATFORM CROWD Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson explore…

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Blue and green duotone, close-up image of bees in their hive.

HATCRL 10.29.19

3067 2455 Hunt Adkins

🛍️One-stop information shop. RETAIL 2025 Peel back the misconceptions behind retail bankruptcies and store closings and proffer where the next gen of retail is headed with this report from CCIM Institute. LOCATION-BASED…

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Image of a guitar on a stand, offset into red, blue, and green color pathways.

HATCRL 09.26.19

3184 2362 Hunt Adkins

🤡Knowledge laughs in the face of fear. REKOGNITION Amazon’s facial recognition service can now detect fear. Scared yet? URBAN NUDGES Check out how urban nudges help change behaviors in small…

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An image of a highway at night split into repetitive diamonds.

HATCRL 08.22.19

2200 2130 Hunt Adkins

Current visions… WORKPLACE WAVES 101 things that are changing the way we work. GERRY A TYPEFACE Letterforms created from heavily gerrymandered Congressional districts. MEMORY LANE This AI tool transforms memories…

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