Man with multicolored background holding aluminum foil to his face.

HATCRL 01.23.20

2500 2500 Hunt Adkins

🧠Genius is fleeting, skill has staying power. SOAPBOTTLE A brilliant way to get rid of plastic shampoo containers. UNNECESSARY INVENTIONS Perhaps the best illustration of how social media impacts the way we…

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Girl standing on digital screen with lines projected on it.

HATCRL 11.26.19

3072 1593 Hunt Adkins

➡️Get ahead of the (machine platform) crowd. WEB CODE ART Discover a painting coded for Chrome using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). MACHINE PLATFORM CROWD Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson explore…

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Blue and green duotone, close-up image of bees in their hive.

HATCRL 10.29.19

3067 2455 Hunt Adkins

🛍️One-stop information shop. RETAIL 2025 Peel back the misconceptions behind retail bankruptcies and store closings and proffer where the next gen of retail is headed with this report from CCIM Institute. LOCATION-BASED…

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Image of a guitar on a stand, offset into red, blue, and green color pathways.

HATCRL 09.26.19

3184 2362 Hunt Adkins

🤡Knowledge laughs in the face of fear. REKOGNITION Amazon’s facial recognition service can now detect fear. Scared yet? URBAN NUDGES Check out how urban nudges help change behaviors in small…

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An image of a highway at night split into repetitive diamonds.

HATCRL 08.22.19

2200 2130 Hunt Adkins

Current visions… WORKPLACE WAVES 101 things that are changing the way we work. GERRY A TYPEFACE Letterforms created from heavily gerrymandered Congressional districts. MEMORY LANE This AI tool transforms memories…

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An image of an astronaut on the moon with planets and the Milky Way behind them. In the reflection of their helmet, you can see a multicolored planetary surface and another astronaut being carried away by rainbow balloons.

HATCRL 07.26.19

1663 1575 Hunt Adkins

🚀We have liftoff. DESIGNING FOR THE NON-DESIGNER Exactly how many choices should designers provide to clients and consumers? STRATEGIC READS Must-read books for strategists, and the strategically-minded, at every level…

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Two reflected images of a mountain with data graphics superimposed over them.

HATCRL 06.20.19

1695 2091 Hunt Adkins

👋Hey! DIGITAL PSYCHOLOGY Use this free library of psychological principles and examples to inspire better digital experiences and foster stronger connections with users. FUTURE OF FILM Hollywood is using AI…

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psychedelic street art with a large eye and woman's face in a rainbow of colors

HATCRL 01.30.19

1754 1206 Hunt Adkins

🐙 An octopus has nine brains. You are not an octopus. 2069 Bionic brains. Robots. Cutting-edge efforts to blunt the effects of climate change. The future of health care, and tech,…

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silhouette of young woman standing in a hallway lit with neon pink lighting

HATCRL 12.21.18

2500 1285 Hunt Adkins

💥Protip: Don’t be a dummy, read this week’s total-consciousness reading list. TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF Neuroscience says listening to this song reduces anxiety by up to 65 percent. ROBOT DRAWN…

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Animated monochromatic blue abstract line art

HATCRL 11.19.18

1908 1008 Hunt Adkins

Indulge in more than turkey 🍗 this week with a sneak peak of the latest Hunt Adkins Total-Consciousness Reading List. FIND YOUR HIDDEN TRIBE “The Hidden Tribes of America” report is…

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