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3 Steps to MarTech Success

6000 4000 Hunt Adkins

Modern brands require a marriage of marketing + tech that moves at the speed of business, but often it’s hard to know where to start. Today’s marketplace poses many challenges.…

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Digital Healthcare Advertising: How to Avoid Reflux

1920 1280 Hunt Adkins

From patient and consumer privacy acts such as HIPAA and CCPR to platforms phasing out third-party cookies from their web browsers, the ecosystem of digital healthcare marketing is exciting, evolving and complex. In…

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No Business Like New Business

1920 1080 Hunt Adkins

An inside perspective on new business and why it deserves applause. Twenty years ago, I couldn’t say the word ad agency without someone sprightly telling me they’d love to be…

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2020: The Countdown to a Political Throwdown

1920 1440 Hunt Adkins

With the observance of the Presidents’ Day holiday this week, we examine the evolution of political advertising, what we will see in 2020 and how it affects advertisers. Political advertising…

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Super Bowl LIV Ad Recap

1920 1281 Hunt Adkins

Which ads were Chiefs (great), 49ers (Good) and Browns (bad)?   Listen to Patrick Hunt discuss this and more with WCCO. Patrick Hunt, President/CEO of Hunt Adkins, joined WCCO Radio’s…

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Techlash 2020

1920 1076 Hunt Adkins

Has adtech transformed modern marketing for good, or will techlash, and consumers’ increasing apathy towards ads make creativity valuable again?   Read time: 6.5 minutes Hunt Adkins’ extended holiday break…

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In “Pod” We Trust

1920 1081 Hunt Adkins

Imagine it’s 2009. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is #1 on the iTunes Charts. Mark Maron’s terrestrial radio show is cancelled and he joins the world of audioblogging, known to…

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Sonic branding in a multi-platform world

1920 1280 Hunt Adkins

‘Stop, hey, what’s that sound…?’ Could you be ignoring the sound of branding success? From a consumer—or even branding—perspective, Intel, Coca-Cola and HBO might seem to have little in common—aside…

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Better Together

1920 1517 Hunt Adkins

A case for the modern in-house agency to work with external agencies instead of forgetting about them.   Unless you’re still conducting three-martini lunches, asking your agency to bring their…

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The Rewards (and Risks) of Influence

2372 1952 Hunt Adkins

Influencer Marketing is a hot marketing topic. While PR/Communication departments may have once been responsible for this medium, it’s now trending toward the duties of advertising/media teams. And nearly 40%…

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