randall flag the man in black from Stephen Kings The Stand with a sinister smile

Techlash 2020

1920 1076 Hunt Adkins

Has adtech transformed modern marketing for good, or will techlash, and consumers’ increasing apathy towards ads make creativity valuable again? Read time: 6.5 minutes Hunt Adkins’ extended holiday break provided…

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retro radio mic illustration with sound bolts coming out of it

In “Pod” We Trust

1920 1081 Hunt Adkins

Imagine it’s 2009. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is #1 on the iTunes Charts. Mark Maron’s terrestrial radio show is cancelled and he joins the world of audioblogging, known to…

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woman conducting music in front of a wall of neon light instrument art

Sonic branding in a multi-platform world

1920 1280 Hunt Adkins

‘Stop, hey, what’s that sound…?’ Could you be ignoring the sound of branding success? From a consumer—or even branding—perspective, Intel, Coca-Cola and HBO might seem to have little in common—aside…

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Better Together

1920 1517 Hunt Adkins

A case for the modern in-house agency to work with external agencies instead of forgetting about them.   Unless you’re still conducting three-martini lunches, asking your agency to bring their…

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The Rewards (and Risks) of Influence

2372 1952 Hunt Adkins

Influencer Marketing is a hot marketing topic. While PR/Communication departments may have once been responsible for this medium, it’s now trending toward the duties of advertising/media teams. And nearly 40%…

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The Potency of Purpose

854 356 Hunt Adkins

Authenticity cannot be manufactured. Purpose requires the potency of an emotionally resonant truth. Authenticity cannot be conveniently manufactured by a marketing brief. And authenticity is what consumers today require in…

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New Health Care Insight Report Series

0 0 Hunt Adkins

Are you in or affected by the health care industry? Do you want to build long-term value for your brand? Improve attribution? Better inform your data needs? Create meaningful consumer…

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The Price of Hype

5184 3456 Hunt Adkins

IS A BIG-NAME AGENCY PARTNERSHIP WORTH IT?   Imagine your brand is looking to partner with a new agency, and you read the following experience profile of one agency’s leadership…

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Three different people wearing six different outfits each to demonstrate the various identities that one person may have beyond a traditional demographic

A Strategic Planner’s 2018 New Year’s Resolution

3020 1630 Hunt Adkins

Removing (Unnecessary) Demographic Distortion.   Traditional Demographics’ usefulness might not yet be dead—but they no longer need to be a dominant lens for our work. With the New Year we…

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